This is a group blog, composed by academics, researchers, and practitioners working in and with the fields of Design Studies and Design Research. As clarified on our Editorial, this is a collective endeavour, born out from a general frustration with how design ontologies and epistemologies are constituted and validated within and outside academia. We think that one way to address this frustration was to foster other outlets and platforms, in which different forms of knowledge production could find their place.

With that in mind, unless otherwise stated, contributions are individual, and as such responsible for its content; however, we do encourage dissensus. In other words, it means that disagreement and criticism is more than welcome; direct attacks, offensive language and downright dismissal of opinions are not, and will be most likely deleted.

This platform is meant to be a plural space, but by no means a totalising one. We acknowledge that this endeavour has not started here, nor will it end here. We welcome submissions and proposals of various forms of content; if you would like to propose something that fits within or around our briefly outlined Editorial statement, email us. While we do encourage all forms of submissions, we ask self-consciousness as to the amount of personal promotion, conference announcements/CFPs, or other divulgation material.

This platform has a twitter presence, while some of us also have their individual accounts. The Decolonising Design account only tweets content related to this platform; but we will also read mentions.