Author: ksenija-berk

Ksenija Berk is a precarious scholar and critic from Ljubljana (Slovenia). She holds PhD in Aesthetics and MA in Historical Anthropology of Visual Arts. Her research interests are history of design in the Balkans, design and politics, visual culture of protest movements, dissent, social design, and the politics of the street. She has particular interest in understanding how design works as an agent of social and political change and the platform for critical re-thinking on our values, ideas and processes.

[Guest Post] Barbed Wire: The Colonial Legacy of Design in Postcolonial Times

I am writing this paper from a schizophrenic location behind the barbed wire. No, I am not in occupied territories. There is no war going on around me, and no state of exception has officially been declared. And yet, large amounts of barbed wire are mounted on the southern border between Slovenia and Croatia. As… Read more »