Decolonising re-design: our new look

Previous readers may have noticed that we have recently updated the design of our site. We hope you enjoy the new look!

For those who are curious, we are pleased to say that all of the typeface choices have been sourced from Libre Fonts by Womxn (ht @Mitropoulos_A). Our selections include Bitter by Sol Matas, Marvel by Carolina Trebol, and Palanquin by Pria Ravichandran.

As way to mark the re-design we would like to take the opportunity to renew our expression of interest in publishing works that resonate with the politics of this platform. More details on the range of things we are interested to support can be found in our Editorial Statement. Our contact details can be found on our Contacts page.

Unfortunately we do not currently have the resources to remunerate authors at this point (all DD editors themselves participate on a volunteer basis). We are however very much interested to do so in the future and are working behind the scenes to try to source funding for this purpose. If any of our readers have ideas or resources to help us out with this aim we would also be very happy to hear from you!

Update (Nov 2019): we are currently re-structuring the dynamics of this platform and therefore we cannot commit to publication until further notice.

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