DD at Beyond Change: the Swiss Design Network Conference

As part of our participation in the Beyond Change conference in Basel (8-10 March 2018), we are moderating a programme titled “Sorry to be heavy, but heavy is the cost” consisting of two sessions.

Session #1: Colonialism/Coloniality and Its Contemporary Manifestations

This session will address the political complexities of design as both a product and a producer of colonialism and coloniality. Yet, to understand these complexities beyond the act of designing, we will discuss coloniality through issues such as settler colonialism, modernity and capitalism, police states, identity reproduction, the question of diversity, and humanitarian imperialism.

Session #2: Intersectionality and Decoloniality: Design, Politics and Power

This session will expand discussions emerging out of the first session through the lenses of design and materiality. Inquiring and propelling a more informed discussion on the agency of design and design research within coloniality through various examples, we will sketch out possible political and radical decolonial redirections for design research and practice.

Our sessions are meant to expand the discourses beyond design, and more importantly beyond the conference alone. Therefore we invite you to post any questions pertaining to the overall themes of the sessions you would like to discuss and see discussed, through the hashtag #beyondchange and tagging our @DecolDesign account on twitter, or via email decolonisingdesign [at]gmail.com with the subject heading, DDxBeyondChange.

Questions will be used during the conversations at the sessions in Basel, and discussions will be partly live-tweeted.

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